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Craigavon Park - Blockhouse Bay (West)

Walk status: Off-lead

One of our favourites is Craigavon. It's not a long walk, so usually one that we do on weeknights or when we are just needing to get a quick walk in but it does offer lots to explore.

Craigavon is an off lead dog park, but it is multi-use with a children's playground (which is fully fenced) at the carpark entrance and also fitness activities throughout the park. It offers something for everyone, and also caters to the dogs with a dog exercise area with an agility setup.

The park features a gravel pathway right the way around, but if you're keen to explore there are many bush tracks. All bush tracks will eventually lead you back to the main pathway, or to one of the roads that surround the park so don't worry about getting lost in here, you're never far from where you started or finding a new way out.

I thought we had found all the hidden bush tracks after nearly 2 years of walking here on a regular basis, but surprisingly I found another the other day! If you're willing to look, there are plenty there. A great option for summer if you end up walking in the heat of the day as the bush offers plenty of shade and there are a couple of muddy ponds that the dogs can find to take a dip in.

If your dog gravitates towards muddy ponds, then this walk is going to be a nightmare for you over winter. The bush pathways get really muddy too, but if you can keep your dog on the gravel pathway (thankfully George isn't into water enough to go looking for a muddy puddle!) then this park is the perfect option all year round. You'll meet lots of people walking their dogs, and there are often gatherings of people and dogs at the agility area allowing the dogs that want to, to socialise.

Location: Craigavon is bordered by Portage Road, Connell Street, Connaught Street and Kinross Street.

The main carpark is located on Connaught Street, but you can park on the road anywhere on the bordering streets to enter the park.

Things to know:

There are toilets here - located near the children's playground

Plenty of parking options

Children's playground

Fitness activities

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