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NoxGear - Lighthound

You may have seen the Facebook ads for this filling your newsfeed. With the dark nights setting in, and a pure black dog the lure of this product was strong!

George previously had a small flashing light that attached to his harness for me to spot him at night. Although this was fine for me to find him in the park at night, it wasn't suitable to alert others around him, or protect him should he potentially get into danger near traffic. The light was small and with all that fluff it was easily hidden from view.

After reading the online reviews and watching the product video, I took the chance to order a Lighthound and eagerly awaited it's arrival.

It has the option of different multi-colour modes or a choice of a solid colour. It's also weather proof, meaning you no longer have an excuse to not walk on a rainy evening. George is very sensitive to light, he hates the flash of a camera, or lightening so I was concerned he might be fearful of wearing it. Once id fiddled around getting it fitted to him properly, I did a quick test of the light at home and he wasn't fussed so off we went to the park.

I tested out all the light settings and all work equally as well so it comes down to personal preference on what you want to choose. George seemed quite comfortable to run around in it, so didn't hinder his movement at all. The Lighthound replaces your current harness as it features a ring on the back to allow you to clip your lead on. The button for the light is also positioned well on the top of the unit by your dog's neck, at one point George was rolling around in the grass and I watched closely to see if the harness would shift or the light would turn off, but it passed that test with flying colours.

The only negative is that I purchased a medium and once id adjusted the straps, found the excess of the straps too long. They do have velcro ends that allow you to keep them from dangling so ill be reviewing mine a bit closer to work out the best way to keep these out of George's way now ive fitted it.

Best of all, the harness charges through a USB connection, meaning you never have to worry about trying to find replacement batteries. Just plug it in and charge and you're good to go again.

I don't believe this product is available direct in New Zealand yet, so order via their site below.

Check out the NoxGear Lighthound here:

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