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Adventurer Womens Boots - Mountain Warehouse

I've been saying to myself that I needed to buy a proper pair of walking boots for about a year. It wasn't until the forest started getting muddy in the last few months and my poor sneakers were constantly getting holes that I went searching Google for the perfect pair.

Most of my sneakers are cheap ones from The Warehouse or Kmart. No point spending lots of money on sneakers that were going to get ruined walking through mud or water. I was no different with the search for these boots. No way was I spending $300 or more on a pair of boots that I wasn't sure I would even like wearing!

Just by chance I stumbled upon the Australian website Mountain Warehouse. Women's waterproof boots for around $100 was just what I wanted! I looked at the Adventurer Women's Boots in Grey, and after reading multiple positive reviews about them, I locked them in.

Even better that they happened to be on special for around $50 when I purchased them, so no biggie if I decided I hated them.

The worst thing about ordering from Mountain Warehouse was trying to work out what size I would be, as I couldn't determine what country sizing they were referencing on the site. Turns out in this instance it is the UK sizing (therefore a size 4 UK is a size 6 US). I ordered the size 4 and hoped for the best.

When they arrived, they were a little uncomfortable, just due to them being new. After a few days of wearing them in, wearing some thick socks to avoid rubbing, its fair to say I love them!

It's made forest walks so much more enjoyable. Previously walking the forest, I would have potentially turned around at muddy or wet areas, or just got soaking wet and muddy sneakers. Now I charge through, not worried about getting wet or muddy feet. The boots get a hose down at home and then they are ready to go for the next adventure.

If you're looking for a good pair of walking boots, but don't want to pay the hefty price tag, check out Mountain Warehouse.

Here is the link to the boots I specifically purchased: Adventurer Women's Boot

The Adventurer Womens Waterproof Boots are ideal for outdoor escapades this season. Designed with a durable synthetic upper, they are breathable and waterproof. With supportive outsoles and foot bed, these boots will protect, grip and give comfort for walks and hiking.

  • Waterproof - Constructed of a water-resistant upper and waterproof membrane

  • Synthetic Upper - Durable and breathable, a lighter style of footwear for hiking, walking and sports

  • Mesh Lining - Improves breathability to help keep your feet fresh whist out and about

  • Deep Lugs - Adds extra grip and stability to your footwear

  • Cushioned Footbed - Supports your foot for added comfort, particularly at the arch and toe

  • Heel & Toe Bumpers - Added rubber reinforcement at heel and toe, ensuring your footwear lasts for longer

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