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Animal Outfitters - Bone Dry Dog Robe

It was by chance I discovered this awesome product by Animal Outfitters. They were at an event I had gone to and as Mum had just recently got Maisy she was in the mood to shop for cute little things for her new puppy. On the table was a little bath robe that caught my attention.

I imagine seeing this in winter when it was pouring with rain outside and George had been hooning around getting wet and muddy may have had something to do with my desire to buy one immediately. It's honestly one of the best purchases ive ever made.

I'm not one to dress George in clothes, but he does have the essentials like a raincoat for wet and wild winter days, and the bath robe has just added another much needed item to his clothing collection.

Seeing it, you might think, like many, that towels would do the same job. However ive found even after rubbing George down for a while he's still wet, and in Winter when you want to keep them warm its hard to do with just a rub down with a towel. The robe is super absorbent. Whether you choose to use it after a muddy walk to keep your car cleaner on the trip home, or after a bath or swim, its really versatile and unlike a towel it stays wrapped around them until you decide they are dry/warm enough.

The robe is sold in a few different styles, and comes with a long wrap around strap that can be tied around the back of your dog. George is one to have a roll around on beds, sofas, and car seats when he gets wet so I found that the strap was coming underdone. I decided to cut the strap and apply a velcro strip so now I can velcro it around him to keep it secure. You may not need to do this, but its an option to adapt the robe as you need to if you have a dog like mine that fidgets a lot when they are wet and the sewing skills to do it.


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