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Animates - Good 2 Go Rain Jacket

George was very spoilt with a care package from Animates earlier in the week, and it seemed only right to put the Good to Go rain jacket to the test on our walk along the Panto Track in the Waitakeres.

The weather was a bit unpredictable, with the forecast for rain later in the day. Walking in the Waitakeres tends to always bring rain when you start getting into the hills, so it seemed likely we would get wet.

With George still recovering from surgery, I was wanting to keep his stitches clean and dry and this jacket did the job perfectly. On days like this where the weather is unpredictable but its not cold, you want a jacket that provides some protection but doesn't inhibit movement, or make them too hot. This jacket is super light weight, and a great choice if you're looking for something to keep your dog clean and dry.

George was super comfortable in this, although at first he was a little unsure of the leg straps around the back legs but soon got used to it. The jacket fits well, and with the panel that sits under the belly, it not only keeps your dog clean but also stops the jacket from slipping when you're walking. He had to jump a few fallen trees across the track and did it with ease, and the jacket stayed perfectly in place for the entire walk.

You can tell from how dirty the jacket is, that it did its job perfectly of keeping him clean! The jacket also contains reflective areas, so another good choice for those evening walks where you want your dog to be visible. It has an easy access hole on the back to be able to attach a lead to a harness under the jacket, as I do with George.

George wears a medium, and id give it a 4.5 out of 5. The only downside to this jacket was the back leg straps. George didn't like them at first, and being a boy raising his back legs constantly meant eventually he'd got his leg out of one. This is easily remedied though, as you can forgo using the back leg straps if your dog has an issue with them as the jacket remains in place with the belt around the belly area.


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