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Barkley Manor Doggie Daycare

Barkley Manor visits are the highlight of Georges week.

Even prior to owning a dog, I went to visit Krista who owns Barkley Manor to check out the facilities. I made a commitment that I wouldn't own a dog until I could ensure they weren't going to spend long hours everyday stuck at home while I was working. Barkley was in a different building then, slightly smaller but still a very professional setup. They've since moved, just a few buildings down the driveway into a perfectly suited Doggie Daycare with lots of space for the dogs to play.

Dogs are split by size and temperament. Small, Medium and Large. George started off in small when he was a puppy, moved into medium and now plays with the big kids. Considering his size, im always surprised that he seems to like playing with the big kids so much, but if you could see how quickly he attempts to exit the car in the morning, its clear he enjoys it!

George attends 3 days a week. While im off at work, he's enjoying a day filled with games, nap time (if only we could have a midday nap!) and cuddles with some of his favourite people.

We're very lucky to also have the services of the staff to do 'overnight stays'. Preventing the need to put the dogs in kennels, you can now have one of the aunties or uncles look after your dog while you're away. This has been a real god send for me. George loves his Aunty Morgan from Barkley and its reassuring he's going somewhere safe and a homely environment for the times I have to leave him. It's like his second home and all the staff do such a fantastic job of looking after the dogs.

They also have a grooming setup in-house, making it super easy for those dogs that attend daycare to get a groom on the same day. The groomer collects them from daycare, makes them look gorgeous, and then they return to play with their friends. George arrives looking like a scruff, and walks out looking like a well manicured dog. The shampoo they use also makes him smell delicious, which makes a change from the smell's he tends to like to roll in.

Check out their website here:

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