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Brooklands Park, Brooklands - New Plymouth (Kauri Grove loop)

Walk status: On-lead

George and I are lucky enough to have the beautiful Brooklands and Pukekura Parks right on our doorstep so its often a spot we chose to walk in the evenings. We're documenting the Kauri Grove walk around the Brooklands bush area, but you can extend this by including a walk around Pukekura or one of the many other pathways within Brooklands Park too.

There are a few entrances to Brooklands Park, but for this walk we started at the Brooklands Road/Brooklands Park Drive entrance. There is plenty of parking available here on the main road, and you have the option of walking Pukekura Park via the Goodwin Dell entrance which is opposite. Note both Brooklands and Pukekura are on lead for dogs.

The entrance to the bush walk isn't marked but can be clearly seen as its a wide bush pathway. It's an uphill start but the whole walk is easy for all fitness levels with the hills being easily manageable. A word of warning, if your dog has a velcro coat be prepared to bring home half the bush, the first section is particularly bad for attachments!

At the intersection of tracks, take the upper track to the left. You'll come back along the other. Following the track left shortly brings you to the open grass area of Brooklands Park. Head right to join the main concrete path which eventually turns to gravel. There are a few bush tracks off this gravel track, but to do the loop its easiest to walk almost to the entrance gates you'll see up ahead and then turn right. This ensures you stay on the main track if you don't know the area well.

Rejoining the bush track, head left down the hill when the track forks. It's easy then to just follow the main track from now on, with only one more little bush track to pass by. Staying on the main track will keep you going right. You'll then come to a clearing which you'll smell before you see with it full of onion weed. Then carry on along the bush track until you're back at the intersection of track you started at. Head straight to continue back the way you came. From here you can finish your walk, or include Pukekura Park to make it a bit longer.

I was tracking this walk to see its time and distance, and to be able to show you rough guide of the loop, unfortunately on finishing I discovered my GPS had thrown a hissy fit and put me across town multiple times throughout the walk! I think its around 25mins or so, give or take a few stops for sniffs with your doggie on lead. You can see the walk outlined on the map, with arrows indicating the entrances. We started at the arrow marked top right for this walk.

Location: Corner of Brooklands Road and Brooklands Park Drive / Alternative entrance on Kaimata Street

Plenty of parking on Brooklands Road, or you can drive up Brooklands Park Drive and park in the carpark to start the walk from the top.

Kaimata Street has a small carpark for around 5 cars, with street parking as an alternative when this is full.

Things to know:

There are toilets here - reference the map in the photos for locations

You can walk into Pukekura Park from Brooklands Park if you want to extend the walk

During events, dogs are prohibited in Brooklands and Pukekura Park


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