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Fairfield Ave Park - Huntly, Waikato

Walk status: Off-lead in the fenced area, or on-lead around the park

Travelling anywhere in the North Island always seems to end up with a drive through Huntly. If you're not up for the Lake walk we've previously documented, then the alternative is a small fenced exercise area at Fairfield Avenue. The park itself is a good size, with a kids playground on the opposite side to the dog area.

The dog area is best accessed off Graham Place and can be seen marked with a small fenced area with a metal gate to access it. There is no signage here however, so doesn't actually communicate the fact its an off-lead exercise area. While they've done a better job than most to contain the dogs in the fenced area, there are still gaps under the fence and the gateway area in particular is very easy for a small/medium dog to slip right under. George decided he had enough of playing ball at one point and slipped under the gate to head back to the car, thankfully the area is reasonably quiet of cars and he waited just outside the gate. If you're looking for a fully contained area for your houdini, then unfortunately this isn't going to be it.

It's a good size area for a ball toss or frisbee, but we were lucky enough to have the whole place to ourselves, so could get tight on space if there were a few doggies visiting that all wanted their own space. The ground seemed solid for what had been a few wet days prior, so even in Winter, its not likely to get too muddy. There is minimal shade in one area from the trees at the edge of the park, but otherwise very open to the elements.

Location: Corner of Fairfield Ave and Graham Place, Huntly

Things to know:

There are no toilets here

Plenty of parking on the side streets, best accessed off Graham Place


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