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Heron Park - Waterview (West)

Walk status: Off-lead

Sadly the weather wasn't playing ball the day we visited Heron Park. George and I had been out and about running errands and I wanted to give him a quick walk before heading home. Just as we arrived at Heron Park the heavens opened and the downpour set in so photos are limited and very dark and moody!

There is a formed track all the way around Heron Park which makes it a good option for Winter. Following the track on the right of the carpark we headed down hill through a bush lined track until we reached a small incline where you could see across the water to the motorway.

Carrying on around this pathway we made our way back to the main open grass area of the park and followed the pathway back to the car. This park isn't huge, and better suited to having a few dog mates to make your dog want to run around and play. A great option to bring a ball or frisbee though.

It only took us around 10 minutes to loop the full park, but there are a couple of pathways that loop back around so you could make it longer if you wanted to back track around areas of the track you had already covered to create different loops.

Be aware that the area of the park near the children's playground is open to the main road, so if your dog is a wanderer and not good with using its ears when you call, you're best to stick to the lower part of the park.

Location: 11 Cadman Avenue, Waterview

Carparking is good.

Things to know:

There is a children's playground here


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