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Hobsonville Point - Hobsonville (West)

Walk status: On-lead, except the fenced dog off-lead area in Bomb Point.

Hobsonville used to be one of our favourite walks, prior to the housing development really getting started. There used to be wide expansive fields to run around, and the dogs loved exploring Bomb Point and going swimming there in Summer.

Unfortunately now the housing development has taken over the area, its pretty much all on-lead these days but they've kept some of its original charm with the Coastal Walkway and keeping the old buildings.

We revisited recently and have taken the opportunity to update this blog post with more up to date details.

We started our walk at the local school, joining the Coastal Walkway and walking around to the Farmers market located down by the water, but you could start this walk anywhere as there is lots to explore around Hobsonville, especially if its been a while since you've visited as a lot as changed, with more change still to come as the area continues to be developed.

Parking up alongside Hobsonville Point Primary School, located on De Havilland Road offers ample parking options, especially when the parking down by the market can be busy. The Coastal Walkway starts almost opposite the school, and follows alongside the waters edge giving you views of Auckland City on a clear day. The Walkway is concrete or gravel right the way along to the market, so makes a good option for walking even in Winter. You also get a chance to see some of the historic buildings along the way, although these have been tidied up quite a bit since the new housing residents have moved in.

Reaching Bomb Point, you have a couple of options. Turning left takes you towards the road that links to the market, or alternatively if you want to make the walk a little longer, you can head right and do the full loop around Bomb Point before joining the road and carrying on. Doing the full loop gives you views across the water, to both Beach Haven and Auckland City. It also takes you past the small area they have designated as off-lead. Sadly if you knew what Hobsonville used to be before the houses arrived, this is a disappointment just because of the size (we were spoiled having the whole area previously). It's secured by two separate gates, but the fencing isn't suitable for small dogs as the holes within it are quite large.

Once you re-join the road, you can follow this alongside the water towards the boat sheds and beyond to the Catalina Bay Farmers Market. The market has changed a bit over the last few years, and changed location to a new building. It's a bit smaller than it used to be, but its a sensory experience with delicious produce and some of the best pastries ive ever had. The market is open both Saturdays and Sundays, so offers a good halfway point on your walk, and a chance to top up on the caffeine. Your four legged friend isn't forgotten about here either, the market is dog friendly so you can comfortably walk around with your dog inside, and Waggamuffin pet supplies is setup and ready to hand out treats too. George gave the lady his doughy eyed 'im so cute' face and she was putty in his paws.

In addition to the Farmers Market, there's now a delicious cafe you can eat and drink your weekend away at. Fabric is located next door to the market, right on the wharf and offers ample outdoor seating to enjoy the view.

After you've filled your belly, and topped up the caffeine levels, there are a few options of where to head next to finish your walk. Heading up the hill takes you along the roadway through the housing developments. Or you can head back along the road you came down, and back around Bomb Point again. Unfortunately on this morning id chosen to break in new shoes (that was stupid) and feeling a blister forming had to cut our walk a little short and headed up the stairs next to the Farmers Market, and straight across the road to loop back around alongside the houses.

There's lots to explore in Hobsonville, so be prepared to spend some time here. Unfortunately it's just not quite the doggie paradise it used to be with a very limited off-lead area. We still love it though! The walk we did, as shown in the GPS map photo was 3.65kms - the Bomb Point loop is shown in this photo also, indicated by the circle track, bottom right of the image.

Location: De Havilland Road, Hobsonville (if choosing to park next to the school)

Lots of parking here, on the surrounding streets, or try your luck down by the market on Launch Road.

Things to know:

The market operates every Saturday and Sunday from 8.30am till 2pm, you can find more info HERE

There are portaloos located down at the market

Parking can be limited around the market when its busy


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