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Huatoki Walkway, Lower Vogeltown - New Plymouth

Walk status: On-lead

Huatoki Walkway can almost get you from one end of New Plymouth to the other, so there are lots of spots to start and stop along this walkway. We enjoy walking the stretch of the walkway through the bush near the pony club which we've documented here previously.

For this walk, we started at the entrance off Frankley Road, opposite Maratahu Street. You can head left or right from this entrance, but the left walkway was blocked off on this day so we headed right.

The walkway for most of this stretch is concrete or gravel so a good option for the wet weather months. The day we visited the weather was four seasons in one day, so parts of the walkway were slippery due to fallen leaves, so watch your footing in wet weather.

The walkway is mostly flat, with gradual hills that don't require a lot of effort. We followed the pathway along until we reached the new bridge that now connects this walkway with Sycamore Grove. As the weather was darkening, I decided we would cross the bridge and loop around the new subdivision to return back the same way we came.

Alternatively you could keep walking on the walkway which will pop you out at Huatoki Street, where you can cross to continue the Huatoki Walkway past the tennis courts (see blog post), or try the Sheppards Bush Community Orchard walk we've also documented (see blog post).

The walk in total was around 2.3kms and took us 35mins. As George was on lead, this was a slow pace with lots of sniffing stops. You can make it longer by combining it with the walks noted above.

Location: Started at Frankley Road, opposite Maratahu Street.

Plenty of alternative entry and exit options along this walkway - see council map here.

Things to know:

There are no toilets on this stretch of walkway


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