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Kakamatua Inlet - Cornwallis (West)

Walk status: Off-lead once through the bush, bush track is on-lead

Kakamatua Inlet is a dog's heaven. Specifically a dog off-leash beach means you have complete freedom over summer to walk your dog here anytime of the day.

The bush track that leads you to the beach is on-lead, but once you reach the beach area this is off-lead.

Not only do you have wide open beach to play on, but also a fresh water stream at the entrance to the beach that any water loving dog wont be able to resist. It's also perfectly positioned to allow dogs like George who enjoy covering themselves head to toe in sand, to have a rinse off before heading back to the car.

The beach can be a little overwhelming with lots of dogs running around off-lead so do keep a careful eye on your dog. It's suitable for swimming for both you and your dog, but keep an eye out for jellyfish as they've been known to frequent this beach often. We've seen them a few times over summer. You'll generally see them washed up on the beach before you head out for a swim, so just something to watch out for.

In high tide you can still walk a good distance around the beach, but low tide allows you to head round around the cliffs and across the rocks. It is quite exposed, so in winter take a warm jacket. It's not until you reach the open beach area that you sometimes realise how cold it actually is. It's also a bit of a wind tunnel some days, so if you're having a great hair day, it's probably not a great choice to visit.

Location: Huia Road, just past Cornwallis Road. As you head down the hill, the entrance to Kakamatua is on the left.

Parking can be really limited over summer during popular times of the day, if there are cars parked on the side of Huia Road, then generally the carpark is full.

Things to know:

There are toilets here but its a long drop - located once you get through the bush, so not at the main entrance.

Parking is quite limited during popular times, so parking on the main road might be needed

Don't leave any valuables in your car


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