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King Edward Park (Western Loop) - Stratford

Walk status: Off-lead

We've enjoyed walks at King Edward Park on numerous occasions and finally got round to documenting the Western Loop walk. Signs indicate it takes an hour to complete the loop, but it's more like 30mins or so depending on how quick you walk.

For this walk, we had Maisy accompany us so were a little slower with her being on lead and stopping for sights and smells. We started at the entrance on Brecon Road so the walk is detailed from this entrance.

There is ample parking on Brecon Road and the entrance to the park is clearly marked with signage. Upon entering the park, we headed straight which takes you downhill towards a bridge and water if you want to let your dog have a swim. Cross the bridge and the trail heads around to the left and shortly after you'll see the first sign for 'Western Loop' along with some stairs. Head up the stairs to start the Western Loop.

From here it's as easy as following the trail which takes you through the bush, alongside farmland and the waters edge. Parts of it can be muddy in the wetter months, so wear appropriate footwear. Once you emerge from the bush track you walk alongside the cow paddocks to start the loop back (straight track on the GPS image), and here's a good chance to get a glimpse of the mountain through the hedges.

Re-entering the bush at the other end of the open farmland brings you back around to complete the loop. There are options to let the dogs swim along here and it's well covered with trees to give shade during summer. Reaching the end of this stretch of trail brings you to a gate. Through the gate and across a farm road, head up the small hill to the second gate to continue the trail.

You will eventually end up popping out on the original King Stratford Park track, and if you head left at this point, it will bring you to the bridge where you started. To extend the walk a little (as we did), head right after the bridge and up the hill to the open grass area. Let the dogs have a run around and then head down the path to the left of where you walked to get back to the road and where you parked.

The total walk was 3.48kms and took us exactly an hour (including stops for swims and smells) so could easily be done in 30-40mins. It can also be walked in the opposite direction and signage indicates where it starts if you come in from a different entrance.

Alternative walks at King Edward Park is here and here

You can find details about Stratford Councils dog policy here

Location: Brecon Street, Stratford

Plenty of parking here or at the main entrance.

Things to know:

There are no public toilets here, but nearby on Fenton Street

There is a children's playground located on the River Walk

There are multiple entrances to the park available via the surrounding side streets


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