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Kinloch - Taupo

'Kinloch Escape' in Kinloch, Taupo is a cosy home away from home, located just a short stroll from the water.


The property is fully fenced out the back, the front is not fenced and therefore not suitable for dogs. However I left the back door open most days and chose not to use the balcony out the front so I didn't have to keep an eye on George. Be aware the back garden gate is a large metal gate and therefore small dogs who might chose to seek their own adventure will need to be watched closely.

Kinloch escape is just a short stroll from the local beach and Kinloch store. It's the perfect place to base yourself to explore Taupo and the surrounding areas. I booked here as the W2K walk is just down the road, unfortunately the weather meant we couldn't do it in the end.

Check out 'North Island Adventures' for more details on this particular trip.

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