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Manukau Domain - Lynfield (West)

Walk status: On-lead and Off-lead

Manukau Domain is just one of many places that the Waikowhai Walkway runs through. With the weather a bit iffy, I wanted somewhere that George could stretch his legs before being stuck inside all day with the rain. This wasn't quite what I had intended!

Arriving at Halsey Drive, parking was time restrictive due to the school being opposite. On a weekend, this is fine and there is plenty of street parking but its not one to visit during school days and especially weekday mornings or afternoons when kids are getting dropped off or picked up.

The domain is a large open space with no formed pathways so its a wet and muddy option for Winter. The domain isn't vast, but big enough to throw a ball around or enjoy a run around with other dogs. If you're wanting to test yourself and head down to the beach as we did, then head left to walk the grass that borders the houses.

You'll then reach a pathway which is actually the Waikowhai Walkway. At this point its noted as dogs on lead so hence noting this as on and off lead. The domain itself is off-lead but walking down to the beach is on-lead.

You head down many stairs to get to the beach, and at one point the track is almost blocked by a fallen tree. I had to climb under almost at a crawl so you need to have some flexibility to do this part of the track. Upon reaching the beach, we were greeted with a perfect little bay and nobody else there - I mean who else is keen to climb the stairs to get here right?! It was a bit chilly so George wasn't too keen to swim. If you have a dog thats a lover of water, no matter what the temperature then this is good option for you, as highly likely it will be deserted a lot of the time.

Time to head back, and there was the option to return the way we came, or take the path that forked to the left. I chose left in the hopes that it might be easier....well it wasn't. Stairs, stairs and more stairs. My luck recently on walks has been all stairs and hills so there were a few swear words said! Although the stairs on this part of the track are better maintained so easier to navigate.

Reaching the top of this path brings you out below the sculpture. You could start the walk here instead, and especially if you didn't want to try and navigate the fallen tree.

This walk was short, only 15 minutes in total and most of that was spent climbing stairs. You could make the walk longer if you wanted to spend more time at the beach, or have more play time in the domain. I chose to call it quits, and we headed off to another park to test out instead.

This is one to try if your dog is a real water lover, or you're just looking for somewhere to throw a ball around. In summer the walkway and this beach could get busy as people use it to walk the full length of the walkway, as at low tide you can walk around the beaches too.

Location: 139 Halsey Drive, Lynfield.

Things to know:

There are no toilets here

Parking is limited to 2 minutes during school hours, directly at the Domain

Other street parking available further down the street


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