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Otuataua Stonefields - Mangere (South)

Walk status: Off-lead (for most parts)

Not that I needed an excuse to visit my favourite Strawberry Farm in Mangere more often, but this might mean George will appreciate the trips there more. This hidden gem is just down the road from Greenwood Road walk which ive also documented, and the best Strawberries in Auckland on Kirkbride Road.

Located near the airport, this walk and Greenwood Road walk are both good options when you're heading on adventures South and need a stopping point on the way.

Arriving at the main gates a sign will point you down the hill to the entrance to the walks. There's another sign before you enter the next set of gates that shows you where you are and what walks are available. We winged it and just started walking a track, turns out this is probably the best way to do it as I found it quite hard to know where we were going exactly as there are a series of grass trails and not a lot else to point you in the right direction. I think we ended up doing a mix of what they reference as the Botany walk and the History walk. There are markers, one of which I took a photo of. However I can't find any reference to anything on the map that says 18. My advice, just wander and enjoy the walk. There's plenty to enjoy regardless of whether you follow an actual track or not. Head up the hill at some point as you get some great views of the water.

There are areas that dogs must be on lead, but within the main area itself they can be off-lead, the space is ample for a decent run around without needing to enter the on-lead areas. Watch out for cow grenades too. They were grazing in the Avocado orchard when we visited, but had obviously been enjoying the freedom of the the other areas as the evidence was everywhere, much to Georges pleasure. The ground itself is also pretty hazardous in some areas with rocks in some of the pathways, so watch your footing, it would be easy to twist an ankle here with one wrong step.

All of the area is very open to the elements, so don't go in the real heat of summer and its very exposed in places so take a jacket on cold days. There are rules here due to the land being sacred. You may take water, but no food is to be consumed here. I've put a link below to the council page explaining the rules, please respect them.

Location: Access via Ihumatao Quarry Road, Mangere

No real carpark here, so park on the street not blocking the entrance gates.

Things to know:

There are no toilets here

The area is sacred so be respectful of the rules

There is a free avocado orchard, you are restricted to 5 per person and the season is November to March.

You can read about the rules that apply here:


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