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Riverhead Forest - Deacon Road East

Walk status: Off-lead

We've explored a lot of tracks around Browns Road and Foresty Road entries, so I decided we would go to the opposite end of the forest for a new walk.

On the map, it showed an entrance on a road called Deacon Road East, google maps tells you that you can drive down this road, but you cant. However if you put this road name into your google maps it will lead you to the gate at least.

Parking is pretty limited here as its just a small area in front of the gate, and then a neighbouring properties driveway. Neither of which I wanted to block, so I pulled to the side as much as possible which was fine in this case as there was no-one else there, but could be a little tricky if there are a few people parked up there on the day.

It's quite a different feel to the rest of the forest walking this road. It borders some neighbouring properties for a short distance, and then opens up to newly planted pines. It doesn't have the same feel of forest with the well established pines, its quite open in comparison. It's a very flat walk to start, so a good option if you've never walked the forest before. I like the isolation the forest offers, and am quite happy to be in there walking on my own, but understand not everyone else would. I think this walk is a good option if you're unsure if you're going to like walking the forest or not. As its quite open to start and you stay on a main track the entire way, so you're not navigating through actual forest at any point.

At one point on the road, there is a fork in the track. Without GPS I wouldn't have known which way to go, but if you want to stay on Deacon Road East then carry on straight ahead, not left up a slight hill. You should shortly reach a small bridge and the track becomes a bit narrower through the trees.

Staying on this track leads you all the way along Deacon Road East. At some point you'll realise you're actually going uphill, but its so gradual you probably won't notice until you wonder why you're puffing a little bit! Walking to the end of the road took us just under 30mins, so the full walk to the top and back is around an hour.

At the top of Deacon Road East you'll reach a series of different road tracks. These all connect back to walks we have done from the Foresty Road entrance, problem being theres no easy way to get back to the car from here so you need to head back the way you came rather than head off in any other direction. If you wanted a longer walk, then I would suggest heading downhill directly in front of you and at the bottom of the hill is where you would cross paths with the entry to 'Goldilocks' walk ive already documented. You could then head up the Goldilocks path and then left along Blake Road to join back up to this main intersection. I'd assume this would add another 40mins or so to the walk.

However a quick stop over if you're willing to let your dog get dirty is to head left at the top of the track and few metres on the left is a dirty puddle for a suitable cool off after a hot walk. George always perks up after a dip on a hot day, so he was much more enthusiastic about heading back down the track after a quick dip.

Location: Deacon Road East, gate is located off Mill Flat Road

Carparking is limited, as there is just a small area in front of the gate to pull off the main road. There is no suitable parking on Mill Flat Road.

Things to know:

There are no toilets here

The gate is locked to vehicles, but walkers and bike riders still have access.

Route taken:

Deacon Road East


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