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Riverhead Forest - Forestry Road Adventure

Walk status: Off-lead

George and I have walked this track before but just as we were coming out of Winter, and after dodging many large clay mud puddles we finally reached a spot I decided wasn't worth attempting so we turned around.

Yesterday I decided we would give it another go. Heading in at the Foresty Road entrance, passing the intersection of roads, you stay straight until you reach a clearing on the right hand side.

The track forks into two pathways. Up the hill is what ive deemed 'Goldilocks' walk. To the right is the track we took on this particular walk and its named Foresty Road like many other tracks in the forest. Its less of an incline at the start than Goldilocks but has more muddy hazards to try and avoid.

Soon enough we were dodging mud puddles and reached a section of the track that looked to start heading uphill and looked just as bad as it did in Winter! George being the more intelligent of the two of us wasn't having a bar of heading in that direction and knowing a bath would be required so went exploring to the left into the forest and what I soon realised was a track through the trees. He's a clever wee doggie sometimes!

Following my doggie companion we tracked our way through this forest trail until it eventually led us back to the main track. I've attempted to mark the exit of this trail with a bent tree branch, shown in one of the reference photos. This is where we popped out but you could always start here and pop out further up the main trail and walk back that way. Hopefully that marker stick stays in place!

Directly opposite the entrance to both these walks is the stream and a good spot for the doggies to cool off. George enjoyed a swim before and after this walk, we then headed back along Long Bush Road, the same way we came to return to where we parked.

Location: Foresty Road entrance, located off Deacon Road

Carparking is good here as the road isn't a main road, so most people will just park up near the entrance.

Things to know:

There are no toilets here

The gate is locked to vehicles, but walkers and bike riders still have access

Sometimes vehicles are given access to head up to areas of the forest, so there may be a long line of cars facing the gate. They usually wait there to be let in, so just park out of their way and watch out for them when they are allowed access through the gate. There is a slow speed limit, but listen out for cars just in case.

Route taken:

Foresty Road > Long Bush Road > Foresty Road > Long Bush Road


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