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Riverhead Forest - Goldilocks Walk

Walk status: Off-lead

I've nicknamed this one Goldilocks as its quite possibly the most perfect walk we've found so far!

Entering via the Foresty Road (off Deacon Road) entrance, you have a leisurely stroll along the main path until you hit a fork in the road - referenced as Link Road to the left. Instead of turning, continue heading straight which is now Long Bush Road (although also noted on maps as Deacon Road). Shortly after the fork you'll see bush tracks to the right and also to the left what looks like another track.

If you head left, you'll see its just a short bit of road that leads you to the stream. It's a great swimming spot for the dogs and perfectly positioned for a before or after walk swim session as you'll come back to this point to end the walk too.

However Goldilocks walk actually takes you up the path to the right. There are two forks to the road here. One that heads directly up the hill, and another which heads slightly right.

For Goldilocks you want to head up the hill. Now be warned, it is a hill so its not a casual stroll! In summer you will work up a sweat, but its manageable. You're also in the forest the entire stretch of this walk so reasonably well shaded from the full summer heat. At the top of the hill you'll reach the road (Blake Road). However, for Goldilocks I recommend turning to the left before you reach the road and heading back into the forest and back down the hill. There is a clear path to the left just before you reach the road.

Heading down the track to the left pops you back out onto the track you walked up, but almost at the bottom and its completely through the forest. It's a pretty clearly defined path to follow too. When you reach the main track again, go right to continue heading down the hill and you'll soon reach the fork in the road where you started. You and your dog might want to reward yourselves with a quick dip now!

Head back along Long Bush Road, the same way you came to return to where you parked. The walk takes about an hour at a casual pace.

Location: Foresty Road entrance, located off Deacon Road

Carparking is good here as the road isn't a main road, so most people will just park up near the entrance.

Things to know:

There are no toilets here

The gate is locked to vehicles, but walkers and bike riders still have access

Sometimes vehicles are given access to head up to areas of the forest, so there may be a long line of cars facing the gate. They usually wait there to be let in, so just park out of their way and watch out for them when they are allowed access through the gate. There is a slow speed limit, but listen out for cars just in case.

Route taken:

Foresty Road > Long Bush Road > Foresty Road > Unnamed Forest Track > Foresty Road > Long Bush Road


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