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Riverhead Forest - Gorse Track

Walk status: Off-lead

Recently we walked Deacon Road East for the first time, and at one point the road split off in two directions. Today, convincing my mum and stepdad to see where it lead, we headed off with George and Maisy in what ended up being a true forest track!

Parking at Deacon Road East, you enter the main gate and head down the main track until you reach the fork in the road. At the fork, head along the path that heads up the hill to the left. This will eventually narrow into a small pathway and heads up hill through some overgrown gorse. Its manageable, but in some spots is a little overgrown.

At the top of the hill you'll reach Cobblers Lane. Note that the pathway through the gorse is not noted as an actual track so can't be seen on GPS. Cobblers Lane is a main pathway and you want to head right to loop back to where you came from. There is a small waterhole on the left up the road, although both our doggies were too small to find a suitable place to reach it, but if you have a keen Lab or similar they won't hesitate to jump in here for a quick dip or a much needed drink.

Eventually Cobblers Lane joins up to Blake Road. Those of you who may have already done Goldilocks walk should recognise where you are now, as these walks all intersect. Carrying straight along Blake Road you'll soon reach the clay mud puddle on the right hand side just before the intersection of roads. This is Georges favourite spot for a cool off.

After a quick dip you want to take the next track on the right hand side heading down the hill. Now you're on Deacon Road East which will loop you back to the original fork in the road and the main track that leads you back to where you parked.

Unfortunately GPS was having a few issues today so I didn't get an accurate reading on the time or distance of this walk, but its over an hour. The worst part is making your way through the gorse part of the track at the start, the rest of the walk is mostly flat or downhill so overall a nice walk. Its a true adventure at the start, but persevere as its worth it.

Location: Deacon Road East, gate is located off Mill Flat Road

Carparking is limited, as there is just a small area in front of the gate to pull off the main road. There is no suitable parking on Mill Flat Road.

Things to know:

There are no toilets here

The gate is locked to vehicles, but walkers and bike riders still have access.

Route taken:

Deacon Road East > Unnamed Forest Track > Cobblers Lane > Blake Road > Deacon Road East


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