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Riverhead Forest - Link Road Loop

Walk status: Off-lead

A much needed swim was in order on a hot summers day so I decided we would change things up a bit and head up one of the foresty tracks and loop back round to the swimming hole so it ended our walk. Most of the walks around the swimming hole we'd done a few times recently so I wanted to find a new route.

Starting at the Foresty Road entrance, head along the main track until you reach the Beekeeping warning sign on the left (see pic). This track is one we've documented before, so you may already be familiar with it. If not, head along the track to the right of the sign as this avoids the fallen tree blocking the other side of the path.

Following this path leads you uphill through the forest, so its a hard slog, especially on a hot summers day but this is the only uphill section so power through it and you'll get to relax on the way back down. At the end of the forest track, you'll find a clearing. You want to head right at this point and up hill to rejoin the main gravel track. Reaching the main gravel track, take a right to head down the road. At one point you'll reach an intersection of roads, you'll want to head right which is then 'Link Road'.

Don't deviate down one of the forest tracks unless you're willing to explore as I haven't documented these yet so can't tell you where they lead! At the end of Link Road you'll see the intersection of roads that lead back to where you parked. Shortly before you reach the intersection, you'll want to keep a look out for a forest trail on the left hand side. This leads you down to the waterhole and your dog will be pretty happy at this point to find it! George couldn't sprint down the hill quick enough.

After a much needed refresh, head back up the forest trail and back onto the main track. Heading towards the intersection of roads you'll want to take a right to head back to where you parked.

The alternative to reach the waterhole is to just turn left at the bottom of the main track where the roads intersect and enter the waterhole from the opposite side. You can cross the waterhole from one side to another as the water isn't deep in certain places, but you'll still need to walk through water so your feet will get wet.

This walk takes about an hour, including a quick dip in the waterhole.

Location: Foresty Road entrance, located off Deacon Road

Carparking is good here as the road isn't a main road, so most people will just park up near the entrance.

Things to know:

There are no toilets here

The gate is locked to vehicles, but walkers and bike riders still have access

Sometimes vehicles are given access to head up to areas of the forest, so there may be a long line of cars facing the gate. They usually wait there to be let in, so just park out of their way and watch out for them when they are allowed access through the gate. There is slow speed limit, but listen out for cars just in case.

Route taken:

Foresty Road > Forest Track > Barlow Road > Link Road > Foresty Road


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