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Riverhead Forest - Pink Dot Walk

Walk status: Off-lead

One Friday night we headed out to Riverhead Forest and I had intended to just walk one of our regular tracks but upon reaching it, realised either the mountain bike or horse groups that walk here too had marked us a new path through the forest.

Parking up at the Foresty Road entrance, you walk along Long Bush Road and straight through the intersection of roads. Shortly after you'll reach a break in the trees to the right. This is where you enter Goldilocks walk or Foresty Road adventure, so those of you who have done these walks will be familiar with it.

For this walk you'll be heading down Foresty Road which is the road on the right of the fork. Someone had marked the track with a pink arrow when I went that day, but it probably won't be long till that disappears with the weather. A short walk up the track brings you to a tree on the right hand side that has been marked with a pink dot (as per photo I took). It's here you'll want to enter the forest and following the pink dots on the trees you'll be able to navigate this walk.

This track leads you down the hill and eventually back up to the main track that you started on. For those of you familiar with this track, you can turn right when you pop out and head a short distance up the track and back into the forest on the left to join another of the walks we've documented, this then also leads you to the main path but further back at the start. Alternatively when you exit the Pink Dot walk onto the main track, if you head left it takes you back down the main track to where you started.

It's about 45mins if you just do the Pink Dot walk. It took us around 30mins to walk from the car, through the forest and back to the main track.

Location: Foresty Road entrance, located off Deacon Road

Carparking is good here as the road isn't a main road, so most people will just park up near the entrance.

Things to know:

There are no toilets here

The gate is locked to vehicles, but walkers and bike riders still have access

Sometimes vehicles are given access to head up to areas of the forest, so there may be a long line of cars facing the gate. They usually wait there to be let in, so just park out of their way and watch out for them when they are allowed access through the gate. There is a slow speed limit, but listen out for cars just in case.

Route taken:

Foresty Road > Long Bush Road > Foresty Road > Forest Trail > Foresty Road > Long Bush Road


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