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Riverside Walk - Pirongia, Waikato

Walk status: Off-lead

You'd be lucky to know this walk exists without hearing it from a local. There is little information online about it, and no signposting.

George and I turned up at the end of Crozier Street to just a grassy lined driveway. It can seem like you're walking on someones private property, but be assured you're in the right place. Heading down the grassy driveway you eventually come across a farm gate which provides access to a large open area of paddock.

Heading down the hill, letting your doggie enjoy the smells, you can follow the obvious vehicle tracks to the far end of the paddock. You then reach a small bridge and wooden pathway that leads you across the water to join the stairs that lead you through the bush. Head right at the stairs, and head up the hill through the bush to reach the main road.

You can start this walk from the opposite end too. Park up at the public toilets on the main road, head to your right to the end of the open grass area and look out for the Esplanade Walk sign. The sign says 45mins but we only took around 30mins all up, there and back and that was at a moderate/slow pace. You can of course spend more time here if you bring a frisbee or ball, theres plenty of space to enjoy.

There is access to the water on this walk too, but its fast moving and the bank is high so your dog needs to be a confident swimmer.

Location: Corner of Crozier and Parry Street, Pirongia

Things to know:

There are toilets located on the main street, just a few metres from one of the entrances to this walk.

Plenty of parking at either the toilet carpark or on Crozier Street.


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