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Russell Adventure

Taking George to Russell for New Years a few years ago was the start of our adventures away. Not that I knew it then, and I wasn't sure how going away with not only George but two other dogs was really going to go!

George was on holiday with his mates Oscar and Molly. He loved it, getting to leave the accommodation and run down to the private beach in the morning or hoon around on the front lawn with his besties. He coped really well, and its what sparked me to think we could do these little adventures on our own.

I didn't think to document the walks back then, but some highlights from what I remember: We did a walk straight from the accommodation into the surrounding bush, it was very up and down with stairs but was all through the bush which was a cool experience for the doggies.

We also drove down to Russell and parked up near a track we read about that lead us straight into town. We walked round town, and then headed back down the track to the car.

The accommodation was Wairoro Park, a dog friendly group of baches/chalets on a private beach. If your dog socialises well with others, dogs and people then this is a great spot to enjoy over summer. See accommodation for more details.


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