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Shepherds Park - Beach Haven (North)

Walk status: Off-lead

We don't venture to the North Shore often, so when we do we hope that the walk will be one worthy of the trip. Shepherds Park didn't disappoint.

The official entrance of Shepherds Park is off Melba Street, but I found access via Cresta Ave was the better option to avoid the main sports areas. There are sports fields, tennis courts and a bowling club at the park, but plenty of parking in the tennis carpark located on Cresta Ave.

Parking up next to the Tennis Courts we headed up Cresta Ave past the bowling club and entered the park via a driveway to the left. Heading up the grass hill we joined the concrete path that leads around the outer edge of the fields. Following the concrete path leads you into the bush and the options for tracks through here are endless. George and I did a few loops heading in different directions but initially headed on the first track to the right which leads to a fantastic view of the water and some great photo opportunities.

After taking a few photos, we headed right again, to go through the bush following the pathway across a couple of bridges and up some stairs. This track looks to lead you around the back of the local houses in the area and looks to extend right around to bring you back out onto Beach Haven Road at approx number 232 (almost opposite Hellyers Street). If you're not against doing a bit of street walking, this is good option to create a decent length loop around the park and surrounding streets.

On this particular day as we were there to explore the park, we turned around and headed back to where I stopped for photos and took the path in the opposite direction. This pathway leads you to an open grass area and a few alternative path options. We kept right, and saw a few tracks that also lead down to the water. The tide was out on this day so we didn't go an investigate but could be a good option on a hot summers day for a nice bush walk and then a swim for the doggies.

The pathways you follow are really up to you, we headed off in one direction for a while, then explored a different track that lead us back to a path we had already walked so I did a different direction each time. Eventually ending up back on the wider path that leads through the bush area and heading down this track to end up exiting out on the cul de sac of Cresta Ave again.

Location: 34 Cresta Ave, Beach Haven

Lots of parking at the tennis courts, or surrounding streets

Things to know:

There are sports fields to avoid and be aware it can be busy during sport game times


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