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Tayler Park - Eltham

Walk status: Off-lead

Being the only off-lead dog space in Eltham, you'd hope for more than this, especially if you were a local and this was your only option.

There isn't much to say about Tayler Park, because there isn't much there. It contains a small childrens playground at the front area, with space for maybe 2-3 cars in the small gravel carpark - although street parking is available.

The park itself is a large open grass area, surrounded by the local houses. While its a great option to stretch the legs on a road trip, or enough space to throw a ball around, you'll need to try and avoid getting too close to the property fence lines otherwise you'll be driving all the neighbourhood dogs a bit batty with your appearance.

We'd visited King Edward Park in Stratford prior to this, so George had already had a decent walk so in this instance was quite happy to just have a sniff around and a roll in the grass. If this was your main destination however, you'd want to bring a ball to be able to burn off some steam here. It's not big enough for a sufficient walk unless you plan to do multiple loops of the park.

George and I also visited another park in Eltham prior to this one, however discovered the bylaw we were referencing was outdated and it was no longer an off-lead area so we haven't documented that one.

Unless you're needing a stop over on a road trip for a stretch of the legs, id leave this one to the locals!

Location: 32 Tayler Street, Eltham

Things to know:

There are no public toilets here

There is a children's playground at the carpark entrance

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