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Te Koutu Lake Domain - Cambridge

Walk status: Off-Lead

I've visited Cambridge numerous times, ever since I was a kid, yet ive never known there was a lake hidden in the heart of town. Even better, its off-lead for doggies and offers various different tracks to explore.

Best accessed off Albert Street, there is a small carpark that gives you a good outlook across the domain and the Lake. There is a sign at the entrance that shows the different track options, although this sign does cause a bit of confusion as to what area is actually off-lead for dogs as it marks a designated dog area by the carpark.

Various people were walking their dogs here when we arrived late afternoon, and it seemed to be a mix of on-lead and off-lead at the time so for the first part of the walk I kept George on lead. However shortly after talking to some locals, I let him off and after relooking at the details on the council website, im confident the whole area is off-lead (you can see more information HERE) as its marked all 'green' on the council map around the outside of the Lake to indicate its a dog exercise area.

Having already done three walks on this day, as we were travelling home from Auckland, it was a lovely short walk for us in lovely autumn scenery. We followed the main track around the Lake, with George getting to meet with some local Cambridge doggies before we headed back to the open area of the Domain to give him a proper stretch of the legs with a run around. Some of the tracks head upwards around the surrounding hill, and through areas of bush so would be a great place to come and explore around if you have some time.

After just a short walk around the Lake, George and I were ready to continue the drive home and rest up for another set of adventures!

Location: 47 Albert Street, Cambridge

Things to know:

There are toilets next to the carpark


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