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Trimble Walkway - Inglewood

Walk status: On-lead

I saw a post from council promoting their new Trimble Walkway and it peaked my interest. The sun was out which made a nice change in Winter so George and I jumped in the car and headed to Inglewood for a new adventure. There was very little information provided about the walk itself so I didn't really know what expect.

There are a couple of entry points for this walkway (see bottom of blog post for different start points), but we parked up at Rata Street and started our walk from there. There are lots of street parks at this entrance. As you enter the Rata Street walkway entrance, you have the option of heading up the hill to the lookout, or carrying on straight which takes you along the walkway itself. As we hadn't explored this area before, we went to the lookout first which is a very short walk and got a glimpse of the mountain between the trees.

After checking out the lookout, we headed back down the hill and to the left past the resident cows that we stopped to say hello to. The walkway forks again here as there is another entrance point on James Street, but to continue the walk you want to stay left.

The walkway is concreted until you reach the small wooden bridge that crosses over to continue the walkway with a gravel path. The terrain is very easy, so is a good option for not only the dog, but the pram and kids bikes too. As you cross over the bridge, you head right and follow a small stream as you wind your way around the pathway under the tall trees. The stream itself is accessible in spots, but not deep enough for a proper swim so would only offer dogs a quick cool off. I did think how enjoyable this walk would be on summer evenings with the trees keeping things cool.

Further along the gravel path, you reach another fork in the track which looks like a wide driveway to the right. We didn't take this option, but I believe it comes out on Standish Street. Carry on straight to keep enjoying the walkway.

Eventually you reach a bush area and this is where the walkway joins up to Joe Gibbs Reserve. You have a few options when reaching the reserve itself, either head left up the stairs to head to this lookout point (although be warned the trees etc have overgrown any view up here) or head right to enjoy the reserve itself. When heading right, you'll follow the bush pathway and cross a small bridge with a gate to enter the reserve. We've explored the reserve before, but George enjoyed having a quick run off lead here and saying hello to some other doggies we met on the way. There is also a good access point to water here which is deeper and more suitable for a quick dip in summer for the doggies. We've blogged about Joe Gibbs in our 'Walking Around Whanganui' blog as it was one of the stops we chose on the way, you can read about it here:

After enjoying a quick run around at the reserve, we returned the same way we came, back along the walkway. Due to this walk being on-lead and stopping to take photos and chat to people on the way, it took us just over 30mins so its quite a short walk at around 2.2kms. If you want to make the walk longer, you could loop via the streets, enjoy more time in Joe Gibbs Reserve or cross the road to PG Nops Reserve which is another short walk that you can add on. We first walked PG Nops before we even moved here so its detailed under our 'New Plymouth Adventure' blog and you'll find the information sitting under day two here:

Location: Rata Street, Inglewood (entrance opposite Elliot Street).

Alternative access points are: James Street, Standish Street or via Joe Gibbs Reserve

Things to know:

There are no public toilets here

There are no rubbish bins on the walkway (nearest is at Joe Gibbs reserve near the main road)


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