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Wainoni Park - Greenhithe (North)

Walk status: On-lead

Having read many reviews about Wainoni Park, George and I went off to explore it on a lovely sunny Saturday. It was a hive of activity on a Saturday afternoon, probably due to the popularity of The Collins cafe, which is also dog friendly.

Wainoni Park entrance is located on Churchouse Road, you want to look out for the patterned metal gates as this is where there is ample parking. There is an additional carpark just past the ornamental gates, but this is best used for accessing the sports fields and dogs are not allowed there, so park in the area through the gates instead.

Unsure of where we were going exactly, we parked just inside the gated entrance and walked through the carpark. However there is further parking up next to the toilet block if you don't want to do that short walk.

Looking on the map, it looked like there was a pathway that lead around the ponyclub, so we headed right to walk alongside the pony club on the gravel track. This eventually lead us to the main road, which we then turned left and then the next road (Orwell Road) on the left to create a loop. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to many options to actually walk within the park itself so we did a lot of road walking for this one.

Turning down Te Wharau Drive, and back into the park brought us back out to where we had started alongside the toilet block. Trying desperately to find where the area was that everyone seemed to be raving about, we did a loop around the exterior of the sports fields and then crossed the road and tried another walkway on the other side of the road that just took us through to Roland Road.

Our search to find this area that everyone seemed to be talking about failed miserably. Although we managed to walk for just over an hour, its was all on-lead (except I let George off on the pathway beside the Ponyclub) and it wasn't what I would consider a good walk.

I'd love to know from a local what we were possibly missing here as ive seen reviews from dog owners who enjoy walking their dogs here.

Location: 50 Churchouse Road, Greenhithe (main entrance)

Carparking is good.

Things to know:

There are toilets here

There are sports fields (no dogs allowed on the fields)


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