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Centennial Park - Te Kuiti

Walk status: On-Lead

Every trip north now involves a drive through Te Kuiti and with a few options depending on how long you plan to stay, its a great stopover destination. I've noted a few alternative options at the bottom of this post, but on this particular trip we tried out Centennial Park.

Centennial Park is located at the far end of town, and split in two as to where you can take your dog. One area is completely prohibited, the other on-lead. The areas are split by the two carparks, one accessible via Te Kuiti Road, or alternatively via William Street. We parked up at William Street, which gives access to the dog on-lead area to the left of the carpark.

Centennial Park is just as the name suggests, an open park area with some large established trees around the outer edge. It's not a large park by any means, but does provide a decent stretch of the legs walking the perimeter and you can do a few laps if you want to make it a bit longer.

There is an alternative on-lead area behind Bosco Cafe (Brook Park) which offers a chance for a much longer walk but does come with free roaming sheep you might prefer to avoid. Alternatively if you're looking for off-lead options you can make a short detour south on State Highway 30 to Mangokewa Gorge Scenic Reserve, or stay in Te Kuiti and head to the Dog Exercise area on the Esplanade. You can find more about these alternative walks here: Read more about Te Kuiti

Location: Corner of Park Street and William Street, Te Kuiti

Things to know:

There are toilets at Centennial Park but can be found just down the road on the main street

Plenty of parking at either carpark, or on the local streets surrounding


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