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Lake Hakanoa - Huntly

Walk status: On-Lead

Who knew there was a huge lake hiding in Huntly! Easily overlooked, as you drive through, Lake Hakanoa is just a few streets over from the main road and offers a decent 3.65kms of walking track for you and your doggie.

We were on a time deadline on the day we walked Lake Hakanoa so didn't have the pleasure of walking the full loop, but I would highly recommend not overlooking Huntly as a destination stop on a road trip. Pulling off the main street, you take a couple of side streets before you spot the large lake and ample parking on the lake front.

After parking up, the start of the track is indicated by the large cultural entranceway which has some information about Lake Hakanoa and the wildlife you can expect to see here. The track is gravel, and there are warnings about flooding of the tracks after heavy rain. Its obvious fairly soon into the walk that parts of the track would be completely submerged in water after heavy rain. The track follows around the Lake, but also provides various stopping points, whether you choose to stop and have a picnic, or nosey around the various international gardens they have setup. The track features markers that tell you how far you've gone at various points too.

It's a great little spot and one George and I will definitely plan to visit again soon to complete the full walk, so ill update this post with my information when we do. In the meantime, check it out next time you're travelling through.

Location: End of Park Avenue, Huntly

Things to know:

There are toilets at the main carpark, located next to the Domain

Parts of the track can be submerged under water with heavy rain

There is meant to be a fenced dog area, as shown by the map included in the photos but we didn't see anything?


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