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Mighty Munch Supplements

With George getting older, I am selfishly always looking at ways to keep him happy and healthy so that goodbye is delayed as long as possible.

Recently I had noticed a difference on our walks where his back legs would tremble when he stopped to sniff. In every other way he seemed fine, no change to his eating and no obvious signs of pain. He was still excited to be going out but it had me worried. I asked the vet to see what they thought, being older I thought maybe he's loosing muscle tone. The vets said he was in perfect health and no obvious signs of any muscle wastage. So what was causing this and how could I help prevent it from getting worse?

Mighty Munch are advertising a lot across social media so it's possible you've come across their advertising before. This is 100% a honest review and not an ad, I am not receiving anything from Mighty Munch. I held back on writing anything until I felt I had given it long enough to see whether it really worked.

From the ads you see these dogs who are in a worse condition than I would have put George, often struggling to walk or in obvious signs of discomfort. I thought, what the hell, ill give it a go and if nothing changes, then I can at least say I tried and move onto the next thing.

In May I placed an order for Mighty Munch Hip and Joint Meal Topper. It arrives in a small packet about a week later and I start giving George one small scoop in his breakfast. The good thing is, he doesn't even notice it's there. There was no turning his nose up to this new thing that had invaded his favourite meal of the day. First hurdle overcome!

Although I had been giving it daily, as the weekend rolls around I did forget about it and so wasn't really paying much attention as to whether it had made a difference. But just a few short weeks later as we were enjoying a bush walk, I stopped to let him catch up to me, only to realise that there was a noticeable difference as he stood there sniffing. His legs were barely shaking. Ok I thought, maybe this is just a coincidence, maybe he's just standing differently so I watched him closely that whole walk. A few more weeks went past and the shaking subsided even more.....well ok, this is no longer a coincidence, this is a definite improvement.

As I started to think I wanted to tell people about this product, I thought to myself I would wait. The shaking hadn't subsided completely, sure it was getting better but maybe this wasn't a strong enough result to recommend this product just yet. I wanted to be sure.

About a month or so passed and we were back at the vets, this time for an unusual scratching issue. It was then that the vet and I also discussed George was having issues with his anal glands...stick with me, I assure you there's a reason we're now talking anal glands. We discussed the need to put some more fibre in his diet, so back on Google I went, looking for what improves the health of dogs anal glands. In addition to the product that the vet recommended (this if anyone is interested), I saw Mighty Munch also had a dog probiotic which like the Hip and Joint Meal Topper seemed to be getting rave reviews. Probiotics are meant to help a myriad of issues, anal glands and his allergy itchiness to name just a few.

Into my online cart went another Hip and Joint Meal Topper and a packet of the probiotic to try. While it's still early days with the probiotic and George is currently on a course of antibiotics from the vets, I can definitely say I am a convert to Mighty Munch Supplements. While the trembling might still show up on occasion, I have seen a significant improvement. On this mornings bush walk, there wasn't one obvious hint of a tremble.

Unfortunately I didn't have the foresight to think about filming George for a before and after but if you want to see other testimonials, you can find them on Mighty Munchs website here:


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