Exploring New Zealand - one adventure at a time

New Zealand is one big natural playground. Unfortunately large portions of it aren't very dog friendly. It's likely that you've found this site because you've been searching for places you can enjoy with your dog, just like I have been.  

It's not all bad news. George and I have managed to find some really great places to visit and some pet friendly accomodation options too. If you've found any others that aren't listed, let us know.

Up until recently we were based in Auckland so you will see a large proportion of the walks are based here and in the surrounding areas. We are now based in New Plymouth so will be doing more adventures around the lower north island and hopefully soon, the south island!


I also tend to focus on walks that allow George to be a adventurous, exploring sights and smells off lead, its always best to check with local councils if dogs are restricted as these rules can change. If there's something I've noted as off lead that has now changed, please feel free to let me know so I can update it.

Head over to the Blog to find write ups on walk options, accomodation where we've stayed and also some of our favourite doggie related products. 

The Adventure Map shows you all of the places we've visited that have a write up. You'll find the blog post links here so if you find something nearby you're keen to try, just click on the blog link to read all about it. 

George and I hope you enjoy your adventures x