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Welcome to Curious George & Me.


Welcome to our dog-friendly adventures in New Zealand, where nature becomes the ultimate playground. While it's unfortunate that large portions of this beautiful country aren't very accommodating for dogs, we've made it our mission to discover some truly amazing places that you and your furry friend can enjoy. You've stumbled upon this site because, like us, you've been searching for dog-friendly destinations.

George and I have unearthed some hidden gems, and we're eager to share them with you. If you know of any other dog-friendly spots that aren't listed here, please don't hesitate to let us know. We're always excited to expand our collection.

Previously based in Auckland, a large selection of our featured walks are centered here. However, we've now relocated to New Plymouth and are eager to keep exploring. 

When it comes to our walks, I prioritise adventure and freedom for George. We seek out trails that allow him to unleash his curiosity. Each blog post indicates whether the walk is on or off lead. However, please note that dog regulations can change, so it's always a good idea to check with local councils regarding any restrictions. If you come across any outdated information, kindly let us know so we can keep our content up to date.

Head over to our Blog section to discover detailed write-ups about various walks, or explore the Adventure Map to uncover new and exciting places near you.

For real-time updates on our escapades, follow us on Facebook or Instagram

Wishing you and your furry companion many unforgettable journeys,

George and Me x

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