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Botanical Gardens - Manurewa (South)

Walk status: Off-lead in designated dog area only, all other areas of the gardens are on-lead.

Our first walk at the Botanical Gardens was meeting up with a group of Schnauzers from a Facebook group. Unfortunately George seemed a bit overwhelmed by all the activity, so we split off from the group and explored the area to give him a bit of a break. We've been here a few times since, but it is a bit of a trek so not one we frequent often.

I haven't taken any photos out here, so will add that to the list of parks to document! I have taken a Google screenshot to show you the area thats marked as off-lead for the dogs.

There are two entrances into this area of the park. We usually park at the main entrance, and walk on-lead through the gardens to reach it. You want to head for the Rose Gardens and walk through them to reach the dog off-leash area. The alternative is to enter from the opposite end of the park which gives you access straight to the dog area via Everglade Drive.

The dog off-leash area loops round via the pathway, and if you head to the trees (shown top of the google screenshot) you can explore along the tree line and lets the dogs indulge in a quick dip in the stream that runs through the trees.

It's not a long walk by any means, but if your dog enjoys a run around with others, you'll likely find other like minded dog owners that will encourage a game. Alternatively, take a ball or put your dog back on lead and have a wander through the park and some of the tracks through the bush.

Location: Access via the main garden entrance on Hill Road, or via Everglade Drive.

Things to know:

There are toilets here

There is a cafe located at the main entrance which is dog friendly with lots of outside seating options

The gardens can get really busy, so the main carpark may be full at times


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