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King Edward Park (Carrington Walkway) - Stratford

Walk status: Off-lead

We've enjoyed walks at King Edward Park on numerous occasions and I have always had a sense of curiosity about one walk we hadn't yet explored. After a quick stop over to explore Karo Park on the way (see blog post HERE for Karo Park) we carried on our adventure to King Edward Park.

We started at the entrance on Brecon Road, off Regan Street but I didn't start documenting it till we reached the other end and started to head back, so the pics are taken from the opposite direction. There is ample parking on Brecon Road but you can also start the walk further up Regan Street, approx 2 Regan Street in Google Maps will take you to the opposite entrance as marked by the Carrington Walkway signage in the photos.

This walkway takes you alongside Patea River, but also follows behind many of the houses along Regan Street, so doesn't quite offer the same picturesque views that other walks through King Edward Park can offer. However, the walk is shaded and does offer opportunities for your doggie to cool off in the river, so it has its benefits. It's also a short walk, so can easily be teamed up with a walk around the park too if you want to make it a bit longer.

Starting at Brecon Road, heading towards the signs for the park, you'll want to veer right and walk a short gravel pathway alongside the rest home to start this walk. You'll then reach a set of stairs that leads down to the start of the bush walk. The walk offers views of the Patea River pretty much the whole way. Be aware that one point on the walk, George did spot a chicken who had strayed onto the path from a nearby home. While he isn't pray driven, so just barked at it before it ran back to the safety of its mates, its something to be mindful of.

At one point on the walk, you reach a fork in the path. We decided to keep going to see where the walk took us to, but I did detour this way on the way back and it offers up a great swimming spot. The water here is quite deep, so great for bigger doggies and there is also a decent sized bank here if you wanted to park up with a picnic for the afternoon (although it is quite rocky). This water spot is closer to the end of the walk than the start, so if you're just looking for a good swim spot for your dog - start from the Regan Road entrance instead. You can see in the GPS map I have included in the photos where the little detour is.

Being a weekday when we visited, its hard to say how busy this walk would be on weekends, but I imagine its generally quieter than the main park so if you're wanting a little peace and quiet to enjoy the walkway and the water, this is likely a better option.

The total walk was approx 1.7kms. If you're wanting a longer walk, check out our other King Edward Park walks HERE and HERE. The Carrington Walkway also continues on through the park, so you can also just follow the signs to make it a longer walk.

Location: Brecon Street, Stratford

Plenty of parking here.

Things to know:

There are no public toilets at this entrance, but available on Fenton Street nearby

There are multiple entrances to the park available via the surrounding side streets


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