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Moire Park - Massey (West)

Walk status: Off-lead once past the sports fields

We have Google to thank for finding this walk. Trawling through pages and pages of a search for Off Lead dog walks in Auckland and a small snippet of information came up about this park. Saying it was a haven for dog owners, it was worth a visit to check it out. Its only about a 15 minute drive from home so another good option for weekdays after work for us.

Moire Park can be a little deceiving on your first visit. Driving along Granville Drive, all you see is rugby fields and the athletics club. Behind that is a hidden treasure of dog walks, including the perfect summer pool for the dogs to swim in. Trust me, its worth a visit, but not on a Saturday morning when school sports is on because parking is a nightmare!

We usually enter from Granville Drive, i've included a few images from Map My Dog Walk on this post to show you some examples of where we walk.

Assuming you park at the Athletics Club, head through their entrance to the park. You should see a long jump grass pad and also the running track. If you walk to the end of this area of the park (down a small hill) you'll reach a tree line. This tree line gives you access to what is considered a 'off lead' area for dogs. You need to be mindful that dogs are not allowed on the athletics grounds, or the rugby fields so if you don't have good control of your dog in this area off lead, then I suggest keeping them on lead until you get to the tree line.

You'll need to head through a small pathway in the trees to reach the gravel path that leads you around the off lead area. This pathway can get pretty muddy over winter, so choose alternative entry points or just wear appropriate footwear. You can choose to follow either the gravel path, or take one of the many bush paths around Moire Park. You can make this walk as long or as short as you want with the many pathway options, but a stop at the swimming hole in Summer is must. You'll need to be on the main bush pathway to access it.

Location: Ample parking at the Athletics Club on Granville Drive, but there are additional

entries to the park on Moire Road, and also from Allington Road.

Things to know:

There are toilets here and a children's playground but not near the areas you walk with dogs

Plenty of parking options

Children's playground

Saturday morning sports makes parking a nightmare around Granville, so avoid the park during that time.

Map My Dog Walk references:

Pic 1: Starting at Granville, entering park through Athletics entrance and bush track at end.

Pic 2: Starting at Granville, entering park via the side of the Rugby fields


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