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Spragg Bush - Henderson Valley (West)

Walk status: On-lead

Spragg Bush is a short walk along a couple of different trail options, allowing you to see some Auckland history. Best accessed from the parking area located at 699 Scenic Drive.

Pulling into the carpark, we were the only ones there. Surprising considering how many cars were in the other stopping points along Scenic Drive. It seems this isn't the tourist hotspot!

The walk starts from the carpark and heads straight into the bush. Shortly after entering, on the left hand side you'll see the historic cemetery, although the sign was not easy to read what I can gather is that it mostly held two families from the area back in the 1800-1900's and was officially closed in 1906.

The walk continues on through the bush, and some areas were a little slippery due to the leaves and rain we had recently. At the path intersection you have two options, heading left to Scenic Drive or right to Turanga Road. Initially not knowing where we should go I headed right, but id recommend going left instead if you're wanting to walk a loop like we ended up doing as you'll end up walking the track to the right on your way back anyway.

Left takes you to Scenic Drive. This track allows you to admire a significant Kauri and it crosses a few bridges over water. Upon reaching Scenic Drive, its best to turn around unless you're willing to walk the road back to the carpark. With the traffic speed and blind corners I wasn't willing to do so, so we turned back.

Heading back the way you came, you reach another intersection of paths that points to Turanga Road, you would have past this so you can turn here if you don't want to go up to Scenic Drive. We headed off in this direction to create a loop. This track leads you to the end of Turanga Road, at which point we headed up the road to create a loop back round to the other path.

This road doesn't have footpaths, so you need to be mindful of traffic. It's not a main road, but there are a lot of houses on it so a fair amount of traffic.

After walking the road almost to its end, you'll reach the other entrance to the bush. Located at approx 10 Turanga Road.

Enter this path, and follow it until you reach the path intersection you started at. At this point you'll want to head left to follow the track back to the carpark.

As we did the Turanga Road track twice, and walked to Scenic Drive and turned around this walk took us nearly an hour and was just over 3.5kms.

Location: Parking area at approx 699 Scenic Drive.

Things to know:

There are no toilets here

Parking is best at the area off Scenic Drive, as no suitable parking from the other access points

Mountain Road was temporarily closed when we visited so plan your journey to avoid possible road closures


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