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Taipari Strand - Te Atatu Peninsula (West)

Walk status: Off-lead

It's taken us a while to get down to Taipari Strand, although its quite local to us. Today, full of a head cold, I thought it was the perfect walk to clear my head, but still give George a much needed run around. He wasn't disappointed.

We started at the Taikata Street end. Here is also where there's a playground, toilets and its also entrance to the Waitemata Rowing Club. We headed down to the Rowing Club first to allow George to have a quick dip before we started our walk.

We followed the path around Taipari Strand in a big loop, it took around 25-30mins and thats a casual stroll full of a head cold. George strayed from the path every so often to have a roll in the mown grass and a spaz out in the wide open space.

It's the perfect place to bring a ball, and even a picnic to make a day of it. There isn't much shade on the actual path itself, but lots of large established trees to take a breather under and seating dotted around the park.

Location: Access via Taikata Street

Alternative access points from Matipo Road, Taipari Road or Noall Street

Things to know:

There are toilets here

There is a playground at the Taikata Street end

The water here is tidal and mudflats

Limited parking


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